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Electrical Inspection & Testing

With over 25 years’ combined experience in the electrical industry, we are Nottingham’s go-to electrical contractor for domestic, as well as commercial projects. We provide professional and reliable electrical inspection and testing services for residential and commercial premises in Nottingham and surrounds.

We firmly believe that all electrical installations should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that they are in an appropriate condition for safe use. Periodic inspections should not only be done at regular intervals, but also when you are letting out your property (landlord electrical tests) and before buying or selling a property. We test the condition of your electrical work against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations. Once we have completed a periodic inspection and test on your premises, you will be issued with an Electrical Condition Inspection Report (ECIR) highlighting and outdated cabling, faults, damage, wear and tear or potential risks we could identify that needs immediate repair.

During a periodic inspection, we will be able to identify any defective electrical work, if any of your circuits are overloaded, whether there are any potential fire or electric shock hazards and whether there is a lack of earthing. We can also provide you with a circuit schedule..

We recommend you have a periodic inspection carried out every:

  • 10 years - private residence/home
  • 5 years - rented apartment/house
  • 3 years - caravans
  • 1 year - swimming pools

Cost: Our electrical inspection and testing services start from £100 +VAT.
For more information about our electrical inspection and testing services in and around Nottingham, contact us at or give us a call on 07866 782 015.